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Our Story Our Way

Our Story Our Way (OSOW) will create an Aboriginal community-controlled data ecosystem across the Pilbara including an accessible data warehouse into which Pilbara health and social data can be captured, organized, analysed and curated in order to inform health services planning, service improvement, funding applications, research and knowledge translation led by Aboriginal people. Four workstreams have been agreed by the PAHA Board and three Aboriginal community-controlled health services in the Pilbara to realize the full suite of benefits of Priority Reform 4 of the National Agreement on Closing the Gap commencing 27 July 2020.

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Our Vision for OSOW

Our vision for OSOW is improved health and wellbeing for Aboriginal people in the Pilbara through best practice data sovereignty, intellectual property, contemporary health services planning and development, and evidence-based decision-making.

In this initiative, the health needs for more than 20 Aboriginal communities in the Pilbara will be thoroughly examined with communities given the unprecedented opportunity to use their own health data to identify their priorities and, importantly, their solutions. This requires new arrangements to return data collected about Aboriginal people and previously known only to governments to where decisions are best made: in local communities. PAHA is investigating return of data through the Office of Digital Government within the WA Department Premier and Cabinet. Data will be securely warehoused and curated by PAHA adhering to all legislative and statutory requirements.

Our vision brings to fruition the promise of Priority Reform 4 in the current National Agreement on Closing the Gap commencing 27 July 2020.  At present however, data collected from and about Aboriginal people in the Pilbara are not sufficiently well shared with Aboriginal people in the Pilbara and their community-controlled organisations.

Our Vision for OSOW

Partnering (RFP) with PAHA - OSOW

The Pilbara Aboriginal Health Alliance (PAHA) is seeking organizational and individual partnerships with appropriately skilled experts (herein referred to as ‘potential partners’ to support the development and implementation of OSOW. The purpose of each partnership is to collaborate with PAHA Member Organisations to support, as agreed, components of four OSOW workstreams. RFPs are encouraged for one, all or part of these workstreams. PAHA will consider best use of available resources, transactional costs and impact when selecting the final number of partners for OSOW. Partners will work under the guidance and leadership of PAHA’s governance structures for OSOW. We expect all Potential Partners to show how they will respect and uphold the local Aboriginal community’s rights to sovereignty and self-determination of the process.

This RFP has been designed to encourage a broad range of people/organisations to consider offers of funding, in-kind support, expertise and partnership.  OSOW must enable PAHA and Member Organisations to acquire data insights to drive investment in programs to improve health outcomes for the Aboriginal peoples of the Pilbara.   

Please ensure to read and review all three documents in tabs below (Essential Reading, Application Guidelines & OSOW Workstreams) prior to submitting your Stage 1 application.


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