Pilbara Aboriginal Health Research Alliance (PAHRA)

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PAHRA aims to benefit the communities it serves by:

  • Assessing Pilbara health-related research proposals for cultural security, regional benefit and burden
  • Supporting local Aboriginal people to be involved in research and to be recognised for their involvement
  • Promoting Pilbara research priorities

Research Application for Submission to the Pilbara Aboriginal Health Research Advisory Panel

(100 words or less)
(please select as applicable)
(100 words or less - what research question are you addressing)
(100 words or less – provide information on the extent to which the research proposal has been designed in consultation with stakeholders)
(100 words or less – what is the objective of the research e.g. To prove, demonstrate, test etc.)
(400 words or less – what methods will be used to conduct the research? Does the research involve human ethics and if so, what approvals will be sought?)
(200 words or less – highlight the benefits this research will have to the improvement of Aboriginal Health outcomes in the Pilbara)
(100 words or less – how does the research aim align with the Regional Health priorities identified in the Pilbara Aboriginal Health Research Advisory Panel?)
(100 words or less – how will the research outcomes be communicated to regional stakeholders and how is it expected to be applied to improve health outcomes?)
(100 words or less -indicate the timeframe for each stage of the research proposal)
(please detail the source(s) of funding for the research)
Note: This does not refer to support/approval from Aboriginal regional sub-committees or planning forums. If ‘Yes’, to which Committee(s) has it been submitted? List down below.

* All fields must be completed before submitting application.

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